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July-December Round Up!

WELL. My monthly round-ups went ever so well, didn't they? I'm rolling my eyes at myself too, don't worry. However,  continuing with the theme from the last blog, as long as writing those blogs brought me happiness at the time, they were worth doing. No one died from the fact they didn't continue. That being said, I will do a small highlight reel of July-December because those months definitely can't go unrepresented!


On the 2nd, I went with a bunch of friends from the cast of the 2016 tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to watch our fellow cast mate, Sam Harrison, in the play he'd written. Love Is Only Love ran for a week at The Other Palace and I was moved beyond words. It's the story of his coming out, his relationships and, through it all, his love of musicals. It was truly incredible and I'm not surprised at all that it's now headed to Chichester's Minerva Theatre on February 5th-6th. If you want to belly laugh and ugly cry, get your tickets here!  

On the 15th I did a photoshoot for the cover of Happiful magazine and then another photoshoot on the 16th for Linda Blacker. To be on the cover of a magazine felt like such a huge deal and for such a wonderful magazine too.

Linda's photoshoot allowed me to spend the day as a princess in her Princess and the Pea fairytale setting and the photos turned out beautifully. Special thanks to Rosie Red Corsetry who provided the unbelievable dresses that you can check out here. I've told her I'll be giving her a call should I ever need a wedding dress.


The fairytale photos weren't the only pictures Linda shot that day. On the 4th of August, we released a few body confidence underwear shots from that shoot that went down a storm. Personal body confidence is a journey. Even when you're at the height of it and you think you've absolutely nailed enjoying your body and all it can do for you, you will still have days when you look down at yourself and sigh. For me, body confidence is about not giving in to those thoughts. It's saying no, I'm still worthy of respect, I'm still allowed to wear the things I want to wear and I'm still sexy AF even if I'm not quite feeling that right now. These photos remind me of that when I'm having an off day. 

August 10th was our opening night at Les Miserables The Staged Concert and it's crazy to think that as I write this, it's over!


I went to see my boyfriend's final night in Cats at Kilworth House. I'd never seen the show before and despite the disastrous reviews of the movie (that I've still not seen yet), the show Oliver was in was marvellous. So much so that I saw it three times and I actually miss him being in it (although Kilworth House is very far away and I'm glad he's home for a little while at least!). 

The 16th of September marked my 1000th show in Les Miserables! 959 shows as Eponine in London and Dubai, 125 as Fantine in The Staged Concert and as I write this, 7 at the Sondheim. 1091 in total. It was commemorated with a lovely bottle on champers and a little note from Cameron Mackintosh himself! Something I'll treasure for the rest of my stagey days!

On the 26th, I thought it'd be a really good idea to go and get the biggest tattoo I've ever got right before a show. It took three hours and was put agony. Getting my corset on that evening wasn't the most fun I've had but it's finished and it's beautiful and I'm already thinking about the next one...!


On the 13th, I held the first ever surprise party I've ever organised. If you want to watch the moment I surprise my boyfriend for his 30th birthday by inviting his whole family down from his home town to our house which at the time, Oliver thought was still a building site, click here!

Rehearsals for Les Mis at the Sondheim began on the 28th and doubling up rehearsals and a show is INTENSE. That was the first time I've doubled up for two different productions as opposed to just doing a cast change in the same show which is still quite full-on but this was another level. We were rehearsing from 10-5 in a studio that was two hours travel from my home and then darting across London to be at the theatre for 6:15 for the show in the evening. Six weeks of intense craziness!


The concert ended on November 30th and it was very sad to say goodbye to our gorgeous cast and such an exciting event that felt like a little piece of Les Mis history. It seemed that anyone who was fanatical about Les Mis travelled for miles to come and watch the concert but our journey with it wasn't quite finished because...


...on December 2nd, we went LIVE into cinemas across the UK (and some international venues too...!). It was slightly terrifying doing the show we all knew so well but with cameras dotted about in amongst the audience that would track across the front of the stage or suddenly swing out from the dress circle on a crane! I'm so grateful to have been asked to be a part of it however...I don't think I'll ever watch it. If I do, I'll over analyse my performance to the point where it's no longer enjoyable and it'll ruin the experience I had on stage so I'm happy to have left it at the Gielgud.  

On the 18th we opened the full Les Mis production at the Sondheim which pretty much brings us up to date! Christmas has come and gone and New Years is fast approaching which you may remember me saying in a previous blog, is one of my favourite times of the year. I'm holding a small get together at my house to ring in 2020 and it feels like it's gonna be a good one...!


  1. What a fantastic recount of a very busy 5 months. My favourite day of 2019 was December 2nd, watching the cast of Les Misérables belting notes and smashing the performance. I wish you the very best for 2020 Carrie, long live your happiness. K. Xx

  2. I've missed reading your blog x Such a lovely round up.

  3. AWe, how lovely of Cameron, aftr all, he's one of the Gods i9n the theatrical world. Hoping you had a lovely Xmas and wishing you and Oliver and Scott A Happy New Year.

  4. What a great round-up of so may exciting things. It must be so cool receiving a note from Cameron Mackintosh. I won't be going to see Cats, I couldn't watch the trailer all the way through, and it my opinion it looked dreadful. Happy New Year to you and Oliver.

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