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Day Twenty-Nine + Thirty: Soothe + Appreciate

We have now come to the end of the Blurt Self Care-athon and the finale is all about soothing and appreciating.

Self soothing is something I'm...learning. I've recently found myself in situations where, it's late and everyone's asleep and I've wound myself up into an anxious, panicky and very much alone mess. The only thing I've been able to do is search for solace myself. Often, I turn to fiction. Even if my mind is racing and focused on my own issues, it doesn't take too long to trick it into investing in someone else's storyline until I fall asleep. I binge watched the second series of Santa Clarita diet and found that this very much works. Saying this though, surrounding myself with good, calm, happy people makes all the difference. Cut negativity out of your life, say goodbye to those who only bring you down and I'm telling you, your life will instantly start to look upwards.

Appreciation is also an amazing mood lifter. Showing appreciation, gratitude and love towards the things/people you're thankful for is an amazing way to improve your own mood. I recently did a #Spon for a mindful app called Sit, Think and Breathe and they have a meditation all about gratitude because it's proven to heighten your own mental well being. Amazing really. That being outwardly loving has an inwardly loving effect. No reason not to be nice then, is there?!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog series during the course of April! I've had a great time testing my abilities in writing and creativity and I promise I will keep on top of this blog and keep the content coming!

Much love and see you soon!




  1. I've absolutely loved this blog series and I'm really gonna miss it. Its triggered all kinds of conversations with myself and often ones where I've found myself being kinder to me and to my habits & flaws, looking after myself better and appreciating all that have but also the way things make me, well -me! (so thank you, cause i'm not normally a big fan of myself!)
    You are a beautiful human, Carrie. Thank you for being so honest, generous and writing these little thought- provoking pieces (even when on holiday!) Ooodles of love & gratitude to you xo A Happy Hopeful xo

  2. I've been following you for a few years on Youtube, but I only re-discovered this blog a week ago and binge read this month of posts! I now need to comment at least once to tell you how much I've enjoyed this Self Care-athon, all your posts were lovely and gave food for thought. Not only was the content of the blogs touching and inspiring, but your writing is lovely to read. Thank you for sharing all these reflections and memories with us!

  3. Suzanne Lucero2 May 2018 at 04:54

    Thanks, Carrie, for allowing us--me--to come along during this month of creative blogging. Watching how you take each day's prompt and write about it, often in ways I wouldn't have thought about, has been enlightening and fun. I wish you happiness and look forward to anything, absolutely anything, you want to write about going forward.

  4. I agree completely with cutting out negativity and people who bring you down but what I'm struggling with is when said people are family. Deep down I know I don't want to cut that cord completely but also know they are responsible for part of my depression. :(

  5. I'm really going to miss you posting these! Have really enjoyed this series. Can't wait to read any new blog posts :)

  6. THANK YOU CARRIE SO MUCH !! i'm so sad it's over but i'm very much looking forward to what else is to come !!! xxxx

  7. I have only just discovered you have a blog! Carrie I find you so inspirational and your most definitely someone I look up to in every way, your a woman who's successful, confident and beautiful and everyone has their own insecurities but I want you to know that, and I'm sure I speak for many, but you are an inspiration!!

    love you

  8. Reading all your selfcareathon blogs and seeing you get back in to blogging finally gave me the push to start blogging again myself after many years! I've only made one post so far, but the selfcareathon prompts are perfect to keep me motivated. Thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts and feelings.


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