An Introverted Actress

Day Twenty-Seven: Dream

"It'll never be me."

Never say that sentence. It's a dream killer. If you listen closely whenever you say that, you can hear the desperate screams of your hopes and wishes as they slowly wither and fade. Don't be a murderer. It's not true because how could you possibly know? 

Do you have a time machine? A crystal ball? What wizard has let you see into the future to discover the outcome of the path you're on, or the path you're unsure of joining to see where it leads? If you've been granted that foresight, can you let me know if my numbers will ever win the lottery? Do I get ever get married? How many kids do I have? 

Seriously, as soon as you succumb to this phantom idea that "it'll never be you" you are effectively making that statement certain. It's a self fulfilling prophecy because if you give up, you are making it 100% certain that it'll never be you. 

At some point in our lives, we've all believe it'll never be us. Then when suddenly it is us, we realise that the potential was always there for it to be us, the right things just needed to happen. Hard work, perseverance, talent, all plays a part but if you give up, you stop playing yours and it's instantaneously a dead end.

Never stop chasing. Never stop working. Never stop dreaming. 
Nothing good ever came from giving up.



  1. I needed that! Thanks, Carrie <3

  2. We really need to stop saying things are impossible when they are merely improbable.


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