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Day Three: Boost

I think this particular prompt from The Blurt Foundation is about giving ourselves a boost when the chips are down however I'm going to interpret it slightly differently. I always get a big kick out of helping other people as, I'm sure, do we all. So, I'm going to give myself a boost by giving a boost to a few specific others. Here are five amazing human being who do good work on planet Earth in various different ways and therefore, they are five humans you should definitely know about. (These humans also happen to be my friends!!! How cool is that?!)

Megan Jayne Crabbe
Megan is a force to be reckoned with. What with her username on Twitter and Instagram being @BodyPosiPanda, it's no surprise that Megan is a huge advocate for body positivity. She's struggled and been through tough times when it comes to her body but my god is she kickin' ass now. From her stunning pictures on instagram, to her motivational and educational YouTube videos, from her bopo blog to her bopo book...she's got every base covered and if you ever feel down about your body, head in Megan's direction. She always knows just what to say!

I need to address this. I posted this picture nearly two years ago with a caption revealing how miserable chasing the body on the left had made me. How it was never enough. How hitting the goal weight NEVER made me happy. And how much better it felt to finally embrace my softness. Over the last month more and more of you have been sending me the second picture after seeing it advertised online. Exactly the same image, but swapped round to look like a before/after weight loss story, with the words underneath translating to "Soon this weight loss trick will be secret", encouraging people to click and buy the miracle product to get the same transformation. Yep, the picture I posted to show that diet culture is bullshit, has been taken by the diet industry to sell their bullshit. And you know what? I'm not even mad. Because all this does is further prove what I've been saying all these years: that diet culture is a lie. That the images the diet industry sells us aren't real. And that there is no miracle weight loss product. It's a multi-billion dollar scam, and it's the promise of happiness when you hit the 'after' picture that sells it. So let me repeat something I wrote in the original picture: "The truth is that no goal weight will make you happy. No dress size will take away your self hatred. No calorie count will make you feel good enough. And NONE of it is worth losing yourself, your sanity, your happiness for. You are so much more than anything that can be counted, weighed, or measured". And hey, I guess if the diet industry is SO threatened by body positivity that it has to steal our images and spin them as their own, we must be doing something right. πŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸŒˆπŸŒž
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Rob Houchen
Rob was my Marius for the entirety of my time in Les Miserables in London and when he wasn't cradling me in his arms on stage, he was making me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe off stage. His twinkly eyes are just too much for me to handle but then he's also got a voice of gold so you should definitely check out his EP! He bakes extraordinary cakes (depicted in a previous blog), he's an unbelievable painter and on top of it all, he's just a stunning human being. I Love Him. I Love Him. I Love Him but unlike Marius, I know he loves me too!

Louise Jones
I can't get enough of this girl. Not only is she a fierce friend with a sense of humour that tickles every bone in my body, she's also a brilliant writer with an incredible blog, she works for Anthony Nolan (a charity that helps save the lives of people with blood cancer) and she does more exercise in one day than I've probably done in my entire life. That all sounds very intimidating on paper but then you meet her and she's one of the friendliest and funniest people you will ever the pleasure and fortune to meet who you would gladly chat to over a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!).

Adam Hattan
The first thing Adam and I bonded over was one of the things we both love most in the world: Walt DisneyWorld. We both know the parks inside out and he's one of the only people I know who could rival my knowledge of the magical secrets that lie within it's gates but, unlike me, he's putting his info to good use. He's got a blog and a YouTube channel dedicated to navigating not only the parks themselves but working in the parks too! So if you're a Disney nerd, you might wanna check him out!

And finally...Celinde Schoenmaker
Celinde played Fantine in Les Mis in my second year in the Queen's Theatre and right from the off, we became the best of friends. So much so that she's even coming on holiday with my family next week! She's beautiful inside and out, I'm convinced she's a mermaid, her vocal chords are made of gold, she's always got words of comfort and wisdom (whether she knows it or not) and the creative cogs in her brain are always turning ready to churn out her next outstanding idea. We've got things in the pipeline that we want to work on together but until then, keep your eyes on her. She's one to watch.

All these people don't just make my life better, they make the world better and we need more of their brilliance spread far and wide. I'm hoping this little boost helps to do just that. 




  1. I absolutely love your interpretation of this days word. Boost.
    I know full well how helping others can help your own soul so very much...thank you for sharing.
    I will be sure to check out all these wonderful people, and I hope you all continue to live very successful lives.

  2. Celinde is the only one of these I've been following for a while (Since she was in Les Mis with you, in fact) and HOLY MOLY, her vocal chords ARE made of gold, this woman I just *swoons*

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