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Feeling All The Feelings

Did you know, that Pixies are so small it is said that their bodies can only contain one emotion at a time? I say this because...humans are humans. Not Pixies. We feel lots of things and sometimes we don’t just feel them one emotion after another. We feel them all at once. People are complex and relationships between people even more so.

It’s easy to make ourselves feel guilty for feeling a negative emotion about a happy event but life isn’t as straight forward as that. Nothing is ever as black and white as we’d like it to be. It’s your birthday! Yay! Presents! You'll be spending the day with family and friends but...then again you're also really nervous about getting another year older and anxious about what the year ahead will bring and sad that maybe you haven’t achieved all you wanted to achieve by this year. It’s valid to feel all of those things. You’ve just got a new job which is amazing! It pays so much better and you’re in a higher position but...that job also means having to move across the country away from family and moving comes with a lot of stress that you could really do without. It’s valid to feel all of that. It doesn't mean the occasion isn't still a happy one because one emotion doesn’t counteract the other. 

Feelings can live alongside each other. Feeling one of them does not mean the other has to be diminished or not felt at all. Emotions co-exist. Maybe not harmoniously because as you will know, they will battle it out in your head but ultimately, it’s okay to be feeling it all. Certain life experiences will make you feel a lot of things and that’s okay. You can be completely in love with someone and want the best for them and yet feel absolutely heartbroken that whatever makes them the happiest also takes them very far away from you. It’s completely understandable and completely valid. 

The key is communication. Talk about it all. The good and the bad. I’m sure your bf is just as sad as you are that they’ll be away from you for long stints of time. Take comfort in the fact that they’ll be missing you, too!



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