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Be Gentle

Taking a slight break from the "Agony Aunt" style this week just to check in not only with you all (hope you're all well and enjoying the slight brightening of the weather!) but also with myself. Something I keep having to do every few days during this lockdown. 

Everyone I've spoken to has found this lockdown in particular the hardest. During the first lockdown I felt a sense of purpose. We had to stay inside out of necessity for the good of everyone around us. That hasn't changed of course but as time has gone on, as our government have made questionable choices (understatement of the year, I know, but I'm trying not to rile myself up into another meltdown about it...there have been several!) and the days upon days of uncertainty have accumulated it is bound to start weighing people down. A year long pandemic is taking it's toll mentally, physically and emotionally on all of us. 

So I just wanted to take a moment on this Sunday to gentle. With those around you but with yourselves, too. If you've gained a bit of weight, if you've been more sad, irritable or angry recently and if you've been crying for no reason...know that there is a reason. It's so easy to convince ourselves that because we've got a warm bed, a roof over our heads, enough money to feed and clothe ourselves that we have zero reason to feel the impact of this pandemic. That is simply not true. This stagnant life is not what any of us are used to. Not seeing family for this long is not normal. Not hugging people or seeing full, unmasked faces on a daily basis is enough to make anxiety flare up or make us feel sad and uncertain. Although some of us have fallen harder than others, the rug has been pulled out from under all of our feet and we're all gonna feel it one way or another. We'll be back on our feet in no time but until then be gentle. With yourself and others. Be gentle. 



  1. I actually also have made a little colouring book to try and help a little, being gentle with ourselves! I'll leave a link incase it helps you!

  2. It's so important to take the time to allow our brains to relax & switch off - I adore this post. Being gentle with ourselves is definitely a skill we can learn throughout lockdown, and take with us afterwards hopefully!

  3. This is such a timely piece Carrie. As we approach one year since the start of the Pandemic was declared by WHO, I don't know anyone who is not feeling drained and de-motivated. What was novel in lockdown 1, is now tedious and wearing. As you say being kind to however you are coping/feeling/looking at this point is essential.
    Thank you for this piece, Helly

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