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5 Unexpected Things To Come Out Of Lockdown

1. I've taught myself how to make candles. Maybe THE most middle class thing I've ever had the notion to do but if it brings me and the recipients of said candles some joy during these *weird  and unprecedented times, I'm gonna plough right on. I've been filling up all my old candle pots and tins with lovely new coffee, honey, vanilla, cherry Bakewell and stick toffee pudding scented, soy wax candles. It's wanky bliss.
*how many times have you heard and/or said that sentence since lockdown began? I've lost count, myself. 

2. Obviously, due to the theatres being closed and my job being non-existent during lockdown, I have way more time overall. However, I've spent a lot of that time reading which over the past year or so has become rare. Theatre, writing my own books and maintaining my YouTube channel has left little time for much else and my lack of reading was the thing that made me feel the most guilty. I'm an author! I should be devouring books to better equip myself for my own literary endeavours! But if I'm honest, whenever I did have spare time, I just wanted to sleep or veg in front of Netflix and switch off my brain for a while. I'll admit that picking up a book was the last thing on my mind. Lockdown has thankfully left me with zero excuses. I'm three books in and picking up speed! I just finished reading The Shelf by Helly Acton which is as addictive as I imagine Love Island would be if I watched it. Now I'm onto The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon. 

3. I've spent less time on social media. No, you didn't read that wrong. I did mean to write less. I mentioned this in my last blog but it's so unexpected that I'm mentioning it again. I thought with more time would come more scrolling. Apparently though, what gets me sucked into the social media rabbit hole is posting content myself. If I have nothing to post about, (and whilst at home 24/7, I don't!) I don't get sucked in! My screen time is currently down 22% from last week and it's refreshing to say the least. 

4. I am Quiz Queen. Before lockdown, I'd never held a quiz in my life. Now, I've held about twelve and I show no signs of stopping! Harry Potter, Disney, 80's TV and Movies. I'm having a blast compiling all the questions and seeing the effort my friends and parents make each week with their attire. When lockdown is over, I've suggested an awards ceremony at my house and a final Big Fat Quiz to end the Quizzing season. 

5. I feel okay. Obviously, like the rest of us, I really do wish Coronavirus had never swept over the Earth. I wish I was rushing to and from the theatre every day, I wish I could be jammed between sweaty commuters without worrying I might pick up a virus and I wish could hug my mum and dad without worrying I might unknowingly get them sick. However, I can't undo what's been done. So, if I'm rolling with the punches and taking positives out of these sucky few months, it's that I'm doing okay. I thought, knowing myself, I'd be climbing the walls, crying every day and wailing to be let out of my cage. But I'm not. I do have to recognise my privilege and note (with a horrible mix of guilt and relief), that the reason I'm doing alright is that I'm living within close enough proximity to my parents and brother that we can yell at each other every now and again from a safe distance. I also have nice home and a garden and I'm isolating with my lovely boyfriend. Despite losing my main source of income and the future of my job being frighteningly uncertain, I have to recognise that compared to so many, I've got it alright. So, I'm doing my best to enjoy this moment of stillness, using it to reset my brain and unravel all the stress and tension that I've built up over the last seven years. I'm reading, writing, quizzing, bubble bathing, candle making, keeping a safe distance from social media as well as other humans and wishing you all lots of love!


  1. glad to hear your doing okay carrie, sending love and well wishes to you and oli <33 x

  2. I’m glad to hear you are doing okay. The candles sound amazing, I’m highly jealous of the recipients! Thank you for making us smile during this strange time. Thank you Carrie and Ollie. X

  3. How do you make the candles ? :D

  4. Glad your doing okay, sending lots of love ❤️

  5. How do you get your candle wicks to stay upright while the candle is setting??? Mine keep falling over!

  6. Carrie, hi. I've just stumbled on your lovely blog because of my daughter. You're keeping her going at the moment (although she's crushed that the theatres are closed!) and I would be immensely grateful if you could wish her happy 17th birthday on 2nd June. She is your number 1 fan and is going into stage management so your birthday wishes would make her year! Loved you in Les Mis BTW xxx

  7. dear carrie I have been watching your vlogs for a while now and now you have inspired to go to more auditions.Thank you so much from, Archie

  8. I love your blogs, I feel like I'm reading your diary almost. I can't imagine how relieved your body must feel getting to slow down and spend more time at home than you have in 7 years. You're so used to go go go, not only doing 8 show weeks with some incredibly demanding roles, but traveling and touring as well! Plus the whole author and youtube bit. I hope you are able to build in a little more time like this each year to take off and learn when it is okay to say no once in awhile- I know when you're young and there are so many opportunities it is scary to turn down opportunity, but your body and mind will appreciate it so much in the long run!

    -violinchick on youtube


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