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Organising My Life

I plan everything but strangely, I can't organise anything. I know exactly what's happening and when it will happen but will I be ready for it? No. Will it take me by surprise even though it's in my diary? Definitely. Will there never seem to be enough time? Always. It's an odd phenomenon and I don't understand why I lost track and control of EVERYTHING when I got to the age of 21 but the year is 2020, I am now 27 years of age and I need to get my sh*t together. Here is how I plan to do so. 

1. A Diary
This year I have one that was gifted to me by the lovely Zoe Sugg from her Boots range. The shiny stickers and spaces for things like weekly reflections and monthly goals are making me feel like I'm actually making some kind of progress at being somewhat on top of things. The problem with keeping a diary is that I only tend to keep it for a little while before I forget to write in it and by the time I'm a couple months out, I sink into wild disarray and just embrace never knowing where I need to be and when. 2020, I stay on top of it. 

2. Time Management 
When you're self employed and you choose your own hours, you get so used to feeling like you need to do everything, all at once, every minute of the day. I'm starting to structure my days a little more now so that everything has it's time and I don't feel guilty for not doing one thing when I'm focusing on another. During the day, I sort out admin, reply to emails and do boring normal person stuff like laundry and tidying. I also film any videos I need to film and I run (because I'm training for the MARATHON! WTF?!). On the way to and from work I write on the tube (500-300 words on the way there and the same on the way back). At work during my downtime, I blog/edit videos/reply to letters. At home after work and my sacred Sunday (my day off) is purely family/boyfriend/me time. So far, it's working well!

3. Learning To Say No
Currently, whilst I'm writing to two deadlines, performing eight shows a week and training for the marathon, if something doesn't fit within the categories of writing, theatre, running or family, the answer is no. This is a very. strict. rule. *nods like Mary Poppins because the Popster always has her sh*t together* 

4. Five Minutes At A Time
I get overwhelmed very quickly and quite often so my mantra for this year is 
'Take everything five minutes at a time'
Five minutes is manageable. Five minutes is bite sized. I can handle everything in five minute chunks. 

5. Finally, Resting When It's Time To Rest
I've said it before but sitting still is really hard for me. I'm currently on my dinner break at Les Mis and I can't just have dinner and do nothing even though it's time to chill. I have to be doing something but NOT ANYMORE *slaps self on the wrist*. In the time I've allocated for actual rest time, I need to actually rest. Especially whilst marathon training or I'm not even making it to mile two. 


  1. These sound like excellent strategies for getting less overwhelmed by life - especially with a life as busy as yours! I hope you manage to stick to it and that it does indeed make things easier, looking forward to hopefully hearing a progress report later in the year :)

  2. Love this! Great tips that I will be trying and amazing to hear you sounding so happy and positive about the year! :)

  3. Wonderful writing, I love how you've set goals in a constructive and positive way, not constantly putting yourself down for how you've done things in the past. This is the best way to improve yourself: lovingly and constructively. I often get overwhelmed from anxiety and Uni life, and will definitely use some of these tips to stop my stress building up to meltdowns and panics! Xx

  4. this has really helped me as I've been felling over welled at the moment trying to juggle A levels, driving lessons, EPQ, school musical, all my other commitments, my mental health as well as trying to get fitter and loose some weight. these tips were just what I need especially the one about taking things 5 minutes at a time.

  5. Absolutely love this, thanks for sharing! Such good reminders for us all I think!

    Jacquelyn Ricardo Gundersen

  6. So lovely. Your working week is hard. I remember doing one full show week like you do with my dance school and studying at 6th form, trying to take time out to do home work, sitting at dress circle. It was such an experience and being nagged by the schools founder, an actor himself, to sleep, eat n drink properly. It's far more stressful than a ordinary job, but ohh the awe of it. Hoping you're taking every possible time to rejuvenate and just chill :)

  7. I'm currently trying to produce The Addams Family Musical in my school (I'm the director) and we are only getting started now. I'm super stressed out as we don't have a huge cast and I'm scared it won't sell when we've had to spend £600 just for the basics (performing rights, scripts, tracks etc.) You however, seem to have your life wonderfully together. Any advice?

  8. "popster has her sh*t together" IM SCREAMING PAHA


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