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10 Changes in 10 Years

1. I used to have the long hair and by long I don't just mean past shoulder length. I mean, I used to put my belt around my waist and then have to untuck my hair from it. I decided when I left Les Mis and my appearance was no longer contractually owned by Cameron Mackintosh, I was going to cut off all my hair and donate it to The Little Princess Trust. 17 inches got the chop and I've never looked back! Short hair FTW!

2. I had zero experience. Life, sexual, emotional, work. Nothing. Now I've been in three or four pretty serious relationships, had several romances that came as quickly as they went, I've got emotional wounds, I've learnt some valuable lessons and I've worked myself to burn-out and beyond (which isn't cool and note to self: learn to say "no" more in the future). 

3. I had absolutely no idea who I was. I still don't but I'm definitely closer to knowing now than when I was seventeen!

4. My tastes have changed in the literal sense, I used to hate coffee and now I don't think I'd survive without the stuff. On the figurative side of things, nothing much has changed there. The lists of likes and dislikes are just longer!

5. I'm fine having unpopular opinions. When I used to just nod along and say "Oh yes! I love that too!" to try and win favour, I've learnt that it actually gains you more respect and opens up an avenue of conversation if you're just honest. You also end up with accurate Secret Santa presents...!

6. I've travelled more than I expected I would. I never thought my job would take me further than London's West End but I've been to Geneva, New York, LA, Paris, Singapore and Dubai in the last decade for work. I hope I get to continue exploring the world whilst doing what I love!

7. There are six tattoos on my body that weren't there in 2009. Seven if you count the one I got covered...! Most of them were spur of the moment tattoos which brings me a strange sense of pride considering I'm not a hugely spontaneous person. I plan pretty much everything I do so it's nice to have a constant reminder that I am capable of doing things on a whim.


8. I don't live with my parents anymore! Obviously I adore my parents but by the time I was twenty-two, I was desperate for some independence. I didn't go to college or uni so had spent zero time outside of their house except for when I was working so by the time I moved out, I really felt the freedom!

9. THE INTERNET HAPPENED TO ME. Back in 2009 I'd had Facebook for about a year, I joined Twitter that year and my YouTube account wouldn't be created until 2011. I have the internet to thank for a lot of the wonderful things and people in my life and I can't thank you guys enough for joining me along for the ride!

10. I'm very lucky that so many of my dreams have come true in the last ten years. There are people that go their entire lives never seeing a dream materialise and somehow, nearly all of mine have come to be. I hope the universe and I continue to be friends in the future.


  1. Love this little look back! There are so many things I'd never have dreamed I'd have done since 2010, and it's nice to have someone you look up to, feel the same way as you do!

  2. Amazing. One shall never, ever give up on one's dreams and hopes. I'm still trying to achieve, getting a paid job, even if it's for the day, in acting or as an extra or as a model. Never give up on one's dreams

  3. A lovely read - currently in the theatre during the intermission of Les Miserables - you were AMAZING, can’t wait for the 2nd Act!
    Dream come true to be in London (from Australia) watching a West End musical, and top it off, starring you (watched you on youtube for years).
    Hope the next 10yrs are as enjoyable and character building for you! xx

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