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There are some lessons that are particularly hard to learn. Sometimes, you have to be taught the same lesson over and over again until you really understand how to apply it to your own life. Recently, I've learnt a lesson that I can't even really explain. I can just feel that something HUGE has changed in my life and I'm feeling lighter as a result.

If I were to try and explain, I'm doing things that make me happy in the moment. If it makes me joyful for even an instant, it's worth it. I've started projects and not got back to them for weeks simply because in the moment, it made me feel inspired, empowered or simply made me smile. Currently, we're rehearsing for the new production of Les Mis that's starting at the Sondheim in December whilst still performing in the Les Mis Staged Concert in the evening. Making any personal plans during the week is completely impossible as most days I'm out the door at 8AM and home just before midnight. I've also just moved back into my house but don't have full use of it as the builders are still working away downstairs and I've also got a writing deadline looming. It's a CRAZY time albeit very rewarding. So glimmers of joy and slivers of normality are welcome anywhere I can get them. Even doing my laundry gets me excited. Clean underwear and a cardigan that doesn't smell like stale sweat and old perfume is an utter delight. 

One of my glimpses of happiness has come in the form of Bookstagram. How I haven't properly discovered it before is beyond me but now I'm wading through it's depths and having the most glorious time. For those of you don't know, Bookstagram is just a term for those who have turned their instagram profiles into a place specifically to talk about and showcase the books they read, buy and even write. Back in the early days of my youtube channel, I used to sit in front of my bookshelves. The comment section would be inundated with people asking what the book was behind my left shoulder or requests for an extensive bookshelf tour but time was never on my side. I did a few videos but they would take hours to film and edit. Then when I moved to my flat, it wasn't big enough for me to take all of my books with me. Any chance of a bookshelf tour was out the window! Now that I've moved again, all my books are where they belong (with me!) and I realised how much easier and simpler it would be to do a bookshelf tour via the magic of Instagram. 

Thus @PrattleAndPages was born!

Every book that I own will be steadily showcased on the story whether I've read it or not but I will comment on those that I have read or have a special connection to. Then they will all be sorted into highlights by genre. The actual grid posts will be for books I am currently reading and enjoying. I'm making a point of never "rating" the books or reviewing books I didn't enjoy as I want @PrattleAndPages to be a place of positivity for authors and writers alike. If I don't enjoy a book, I will simply stop reading it and move onto another. 

Something else big and brilliant about my new Bookstagram profile is the lack of pressure I'm putting on it. It's something that is there to serve me and my own happiness and yet isn't about me at all. I don't have to post every day or even every week. It's just there if I fancy a bookish dabble. It's purely for fun, joy and to satiate my need for prattle and pages. 😉


  1. I've loved your new bookstagram so far! The photos are all gorgeous and the captions are exactly what I like to read. It's like a deep breath and a relaxing pause every time I scroll and reach one.

  2. I'm so excited for this new project! Can't wait to fall back in love with books and reading :) xx

  3. I am already so in love with your bookstagram! I get so many new books to read. Books just make the world a lot better :)

  4. THANK YOU CARRIE for making the acccount ! i love it so much fjvbfskjghs;kdfs;djg;sfg;ksdj <3333

  5. I really love it when 2 of my biggest loves come together!

  6. i'm so glad you're sharing what you read again! i missed you on goodreads. instant follow ofc! xo

  7. I'm reading a great book at the moment called When the Curtain Falls by Carrie Hope Fletcher, you might have heard of her! I put it on a recipe book stand the other day to hold it open whilst I ate soup x


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