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March Round-Up

Life has been its usual wild and temperamental self recently. Between a two week long holiday in which I took a little hiatus from the "work" side of social media (vlogs and blogs) and then work work hitting me with the force of ten tidal waves as soon as I got home, this blog has gone a little neglected. Tonight, on the 26th of May at 1AM, I heard it's meek voice calling my name from my closed laptop in my bag and we are!

This March might as well have been last March for all I can remember of it, so this little round-up, as I look through my diary, will be as much a surprise to me as it will you! So let's dive in...

The 1st started the month off with a bang as I went to Boots "Feel Good Frames" event and was gifted a pair of glasses! I was given a free eye test, then a frame stylist consultancy and eventually I chose a beautiful pair of Stella McCartney frames that I absolutely ADORE. They're much more delicate than the ones I already own and they've become my every-day pair already. Then I went over to New Look on Oxford Street where I had been kindly offered a gifting session in which I was allowed to pick ten items from their store! With a holiday coming up, I couldn't have been more grateful  so I picked some lovely pieces that made a few appearances on my instagram over my holiday to Florida! Thanks to both Boots and New Look for their generosity! 

I moved just as it was about to take the picture...!
On the 2nd of March, Oliver, my parents and I took a trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see Disney Broadway Hits. Oliver and I had been invited by Disney UK however, my parents were invited by Anton Zetterholm who was performing in the show. Anton was my first ever Enjolras and when Christmas came during our run at the Queen's, Anton wasn't able to get home to his family in Sweden so the Fletcher's took him in for the holidays! He made quite the impression on my nan who still asks how he is quite frequently! He text me in the afternoon saying he had two spare tickets and would my parents like to come as they're his "London Family". Safe to say, they were thrilled (and ended up with better seats than I did!). Anton and the whole cast were brilliant and we had SUCH a wonderful time listening to Disney classics sung by ridiculous talent!

Taken by Celinde on the way back to South Kensington Station
The 3rd brought with it the WhatsOnStage Awards and this was the first time I'd ever performed during the show. Usually, I say no because I've been so lucky to have been nominated four times for a WhatsOnStage award and I know I'm a nervous wreck without performing on top of waiting for my category to be called. However, this time I said no in a slightly different way and performed Veronica's new song from Heathers The Musical. Luckily, I was on right near the start of the show and then I relaxed...until I was back up onstage collecting the award for Best Actress in a Musical!!! I couldn't quite believe it. I was so nervous that even though I had my speech written down, I still managed to mince my words. Instead of saying "our paths will cross", I said "our cross will paths". Big ol' facepalm. I didn't even know I'd done it until Oli told me in the car on the way home and I felt like a prize tit. Praying hard that it came across as endearing...! After the awards, as per the usual, I got us a McDonalds and we sat cross legged on a wall in Leicester Square, Oli in his nice shirt and trousers, me in my fancy frock and scoffed a Big Mac and large fries. I don't regret a thing.

On the 4th I had a photoshoot for a new exhibit in J. Sheekey called 'Future Icons' which showcases "emerging stars of stage and screen". I was a little gobsmacked when they asked me to be a part of it considering my picture will hang alongside talent such as Natalie Dormer, Matt Henry and Iwan Rheon! Not only that but my photograph was taken by unbelievable Chris Floyd! The final photo we chose was this (below) but another I'm now using as my profile picture on pretty much everything. Being chosen for this exhibit felt like quite a defining moment in my theatre career. So, if you happen to have dinner at J. Sheekey...look out for my face! I'll be the one watching to see what you pick for dessert!

Press night for Waitress was held on the 7th and I got to see a show I've been waiting to come to London for TWO YEARS and not only that but I got to watch friends in the cast bring the story to life! I was sat behind Michael Caine and Andrew Lloyd Webber and the after party served pie. If that isn't a good night, I don't know what is.

Press photo taken in the foyer of the Adelphi by Dan Wooller
Excitingly, the 8th of March marked my one year anniversary with Oliver! Technically, Oli and I started dating early on during the Addams Family tour so we've been together for two years but we made the relationship official March last year. Touring is weird. It's a bubble that doesn't represent real life and it's hard to know when you start a relationship on tour whether it's happening because you're forced together or whether you're actually meant for each other! Waiting until we knew what was what before making any decisions was ironically maybe the best decision we ever made! 

Dinner on our anniversary in our favourite place

On the 20th we set the wheels in motion for new merchandise on The Hopeful Shop and by "we" I mean myself and the amazing team at IRL Digital! We've got some super cool things coming your way! In the evening, Rob Houchen and I went to see Star Ignited Performance Academy's production of 13 at The Other Palace! They smashed it out of the park and their enthusiasm for performing gave us both a little reminder of why we do what we do!

Celinde and I took a trip to Ben Forster's house on the 22nd. We drank gin, ate amazing food, Ramin Karimloo came over and we sang for a while whilst playing with Ben's dogs and then I slept in one of the best bed's I've slept in...maybe ever! Ben is one of the greatest human's on this planet and if I could have stayed for a couple of weeks, I would have!

On the 25th, I had someone root around my vagina. *thumbs up* In 2017, a smear test revealed that I had abnormal cells on my cervix. I went in for a colposcopy and then the funky cells were monitored for a year. After another smear test in 2018, they still weren't behaving and so I was advised to have them removed using LEEP (“loop electrosurgical excision procedure”). It was painful and a bit scary but definitely for the best. This year's smear test was to make sure everything was fine and HURRAH! Everything came back absolutely normal! If you live in the UK, you are eligible for your free smear test when you turn 25. Yes, it's embarrassing having a stranger digging around your hoohah but it's SO important and ten minutes of embarrassment is worth it when it could save your life! DO IT!

The 26th brought with it an audition that I later found out I didn't get but despite having had a few auditions this year, I feel like I'm out of practice. No matter how long you've been in the industry, I'm convinced auditioning never gets easier. People often ask me how to get over audition nerves but I often find myself asking other people so maybe there is no answer! My only advise is prepare, prepare, turn up early and prepare! 

On the 28th, I ventured to the Theatre Cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue and was part of a Q&A alongside Jason Robert Brown and Rachel Tucker because on the 31st, JRB was performing at the Haymarket and I had been asked to sing with him! We rehearsed on the 29th and when the 31st came, I was back in my old dressing room and we all had a lovely night singing Jason's incredible music. I was nervous but it was such a relaxed environment and I think it went well in the end! 

Looking back, it was a jam packed month which is probably why I can't really remember a lot of it! It whizzed by so fast...or I whizzed by it. Either way, here's to more months like March! 



  1. What an amazingly awesome and crazily jam-packed month! It is true what they say about time flying when you are having fun :) xx

  2. This made me smile. You being so happy and in love is just beautiful to see. Here is to many more months like March xx

  3. Aww carrie I love your blog posts so so much <3 March sounds like it was amazing. THAT BED THOUGHH. Also that photo of you and Oliver walking on the street reminds me of the type of photo that gets rediscovered by a stranger maybe like 100 years from now someothey will write love poems about, it's just SOOO CUTE <3 <3

    Anne //

  4. This is so wonderful to read.
    Your blog posts, Youtube videos and books make me so happy.

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