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March 12th must be the day that all my creative stars align and strike me with a lightning bolt of energy because on this day eight years ago, I created my YouTube channel and on this day one year ago, I created this very blog! I've never paid too much attention to my channel's birthday which is probably why I didn't realise I'd started two quite important endeavours on the same day, years apart! The further down the line we go, I can't quite believe how long I've been making videos. I can't quite believe how long I've been on social media, to be honest! The first networking site I signed up to was Facebook (and we're talking sites I still use today so Myspace is out...!). I created the account on the computer of a hotel in Florence on a school art trip. There was a boy on the trip I really fancied and when he asked if I had Facebook, I said YES and then had to quickly make an account before he added me. Ahhhh, fifteen year old me! What a tit she was! (Some would say, still is...!)

We were in Florence for Halloween. I think I was meant to be an "ice queen". I think the kids these days would call it an
Social media has its ups and downs and I've ridden that rollercoaster for years but I've recently lost a lot of love for making videos on YouTube. I may just be in the dip of a loop-de-loop that's about to catapult me right up into the stratosphere again but currently, I ain't  really feeling being in front of the camera so much. This is why I feel it's so important that I have this blog. I always want to be creative and busy but I don't always want to be "switched on" for a camera. This blog is perfect for the times I want a bit of detachment from the things I create. I'm vlogging a week at home just to try and get myself back into the swing of things on the YouTube front but I'm sure the reason I'm not so hot on the vlogging is because I'm currently not employed. 

When I'm in a show, I feel like my videos are actually worth watching and I have a real reason to press record. I love sharing what goes on behind the scenes and I know that's something my audience genuinely loves to see! However, when I'm unemployed and at home, a video of me sat quietly writing a blog and sipping tea is boring as hell! I've also convinced myself that me just sat in front of a screen, chatting away about inane crap is just not worth watching anymore. I say "anymore" because back in my early YouTube days, I wouldn't have even questioned it. EVERYONE was making videos like that so "Why not me too?". Nowadays...everyone is still making videos like that and now I think "Why me too?". Making behind the scenes theatre videos is where I feel the most comfortable and it's the thing I feel I can contribute to the world of YouTube that not many other people can but who wants to listen to me talk crap for ten minutes? That being said, I watch other people talk for forty minute videos and I have a lovely time so...*shrugs*. It could be a blip in self esteem, it could be a valid point! Who knows! Even so, I'm hoping vlogging this week helps me find a little bit of love for the process again but I can't wait until I start in Les Mis so I have more reason to whack the camera out!

Anyway, whether I'm blogging or vlogging, I have social media to thank for a lot and I'm so pleased that eight years ago I found the courage to create what was formerly ItsWayPastMyBedTime and I'm glad that a year ago, I gave myself a little less "in your face" way to continue life online! 

Happy birthday, ItsWayPastMyBedtime and The Introverted Actress!  ❤ You bring me lots of joy if no one else! 


  1. Happy birthday to your channel and your blog! I'm loving your blog content atm!

  2. Happy birthday to the blog and channel. (: And to be honest you could talk about literally anything and I would listen. I think most of your fans care for you as a person and having visual updates through videos can be really nice. If you would be down to make videos about Disney and Disney World, I would be SO happy because I'm going for the first time ever and I want to know everything I should do before I go. (:

  3. Happy Birthday to your channel and blog! I recently "discovered" you on Instagram. You are REALLY talented!

  4. Happy birthday to your channel and your achievements!
    Having followed you for a really long time I really admire the reflections you share.
    It’s actually thanks to your channels that I’ve decided to take on the task of starting a blog as a part of my final year of university, and look if it’s only me that ends up reading it then hey who really cares!
    Keep being you, always!

  5. Congrats and Happy Birthday to your Blog and Channel!!

    Currently watching your live Q&A on Instagram whilst reading this blog and doing uni work <3

    such an inspiration xxx

  6. Happy Birthday! My favorite videos are still your singing ones (especially the old ones where you would write songs) so you could always post some songs or covers :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your channel and blog! Don't worry about what we viewers deem interesting or entertaining, just make videos you enjoy making (or don't make videos if you aren't finding it to bring you joy!). I (and others) will watch and follow whatever you decide to put up X

  8. I may not have been here from the start but all of your output has given me so much joy in the time I’ve spent around it. Thank you Carrie! ❤️


  10. Catching up on your blog posts and so, happy belated birthday wishes are in order!
    I miss the old days of YouTube when all we did was sit in front of the camera and talk. But oh well, not going to be the bitter grandma who's nostalgic of her time. I'm too young for that, haha.
    Post whatever feels right for you, whenever it feels right for you. Your audience will be there to watch/read.


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