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Day Twenty-Two: Small Steps

I always look at the big picture. No, I mean I always look at the big picture. I never take small steps anywhere. I don't know what bite sized chunks are. I constantly try to take gigantic leaps and fall short. I often bite off more than I can chew and find myself choking. I waste the time look at the panoramic when I could be taking step by step up the mountain. 

I'm getting better at it now but only because I was starting to have meltdown after meltdown more and more frequently and I was forced to take it slower. So, now I obviously understand the importance of taking things a little steadier and doing things bit by bit. It's such a hard lesson to learn when you're so used to trying to run before you can walk but it's so necessary when you've got big ambitions and there's so much you want to do. Slow and steady wins the race. We know this. We were taught this very early on in life. 

Day two! Relax, Ground & Clear! When you need to let go of busy thoughts and clear your head, Relax, Ground & Clear is the ultimate visualization for making space in your mind. Start by imagining peaceful calmness wash through your body, connect with the grounding stability of the earth, and finally imagine yourself sitting on a tall mountain peak as your thoughts empty into the vast open sky. Everyone’s idea of peace and calm is different. The idea of sitting on a mountain peak makes me feel a little isolated and lost, so when I do this exercise, I imagine sitting right at the top of St Paul’s Cathedral looking down over London, Mary Poppins style. My thoughts float out into the sky as little pink clouds as the sun sets and the word ‘relaxed' doesn’t even cover it. 🖤 @sbtbreathe #mindfulnesschallenge #7Days7Ways #MakeSpace (Thank you to @oliverormson for filming!) #ad
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It's true. Listen to it. Small steps, big results. 


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