An Introverted Actress

Day Twenty-Eight: Time

Time and I do not get along. I either don't have enough or have way too much and there's very little in between and in the wise words of Mrs Snow in the movie Finding Neverland, time is chasing after all of us, isn't that right?

I think this is my problem, though. I look at time as an evil entity that's coming for me with a torch and pitchfork. I liken it to a demon that's constantly trying to trip me up by making hours go faster when I happen to be procrastinating on YouTube or making the hours go slower when I'm sat bored out of my mind on a plane. It's a mean monster that will, inevitably, win. It'll claim us in the end when our hair is grey, our skin is cracked and our most used phrases are "Did you say something?" and "I can't remember". 

However, I'm slowly learning that, before it gets me once and for all, I can take time for myself. I don't have to be a slave to the minute hand. I can say...actually, no. I'm taking this hour for me. I'm stealing this time back and I'm going to spend it how I wish. I won't be rushed and won't be pushed around like a wheeler at the hands of Tick Tock (I know he's one of the good guys but the point still stands!). Despite the pressure of time breathing down my neck and looming deadlines, with a little bit of management and careful planning, Time could be my bitch. I could be the wild spinning robot with a lunch pail knocking down all of my tasks one by one. 

Time and I have issues that we need to sit down and work out. I'll get there...eventually...;) 



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