An Introverted Actress

Day Ten: Laugh

I love to laugh. Laughing makes me feel like my soul is bursting into a million tiny fireworks. It's the best and when I get a good belly laugh going, I try and replay what made me laugh in my head over and over because I don't want that feeling to end.

One piece of advice I'd love to pass on is this: Never make fun of someone's smile or the way someone laughs. They are natural reflexes and how they take shape can't be helped. No one's really in control of the sound that erupts from them when something tickles them pink. For instance, my laughter bellows out of me like a trumpet solo. To make fun of someone's smile or laugh is to make fun of the way someone expresses joy and happiness.  Every time they find something funny, each time they feel happy and their reflexes kick in, the moment is ruined by your voice in their head telling them they look weird, their teeth are crooked, they sound like Goofy. To make someone self-conscious about the way they express joy and happiness could severely prohibit the continuation of that joy and happiness. To make someone insecure about their laughter to the point where their laughter fall short is unforgivable. Never make fun of someone's laugh or their smile. No matter how it reveals itself, joy and happiness is always beautiful.




  1. Loved this post.

    (Minor note that joy is spelled hoy in the last sentence ;)

  2. YES EXACTLY !!!! It makes me so unbelievably sad when i see someone laughing and they cover it up with their hand or look down at the ground whilst doing so i'm just like no !! ���� who made you feel the need to cover your display of happiness �� it makes me so sad


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