An Introverted Actress

Day Seven: Learn

When we're kids, we think that we'll grow up, learn loads of "stuff" along the way and we'll know everything by the time we're adults. We then get to eighteen and think, well...maybe I'll know what I'm doing by the time I'm twenty-one. We reach twenty-one and start to wonder just when exactly we'll feel like adults. Now that I'm twenty-five, the jig is up. The answer is never. No adult actually knows exactly what they're doing 100% of the time and if it looks like they do, they're bloody good actors.

I wrote a book entitled 'All I Know Now' about all the things I had learnt in hindsight as a twenty-two year old, compared to when I was a teenager and I thought I knew everything. I often joke and say I'll write the sequel when I'm thirty entitled 'All I Know Now' because that's life's big punchline really, isn't it? We set all these goals and lay out all these milestones but life is a trickster. Once one goal is accomplished...what then? You think you've "made it" but life just keeps moving the line. Suddenly there's a whole new criteria to meet. The mountain is ten feet taller than you first thought. It was actually a marathon, not a sprint. Ask any adult whether they know what they're doing with their lives. I dare you. Some of them will want to fool you but I bet the majority will hold up their hands and say "Not A Clue". That would definitely be my answer. I even look at my own instagram feed and laugh. Each picture reinforces this idea that I've got my s**t together when in reality I'm living from week to week wondering what fresh hell tomorrow is going to bring. 

Setting goals is a great, brave and important thing to do but the most we can strive for is to grow and learn, whether we take home the trophy or not. Even though we get older and think "I still don't know what I'm doing" that's only because life is ever changing. It's life's fault. Not ours. As long as we've learnt from our mistakes, as long as we pick up all the strewn weapons from our lost battles to arm us for our future wars, all is right with the world and we can rest easy in the knowledge that no one else really knows what they're doing either!




  1. Carrie, your blogs make my day since you started the blurtselfcareathon. Seriously, thank you!
    And I'm totally gonna reread All I Know Now now :)

  2. I love your writing style Carrie. After watching your youtube vids, insta lives and seeing what a blooming lovely and talented woman you are i'm sat going through your blogs one after the other today and loving every one. Im Looking forward to devouring each and every one of your books. Such a thrill when you find a new author to enrapture you. Thank you and enjoy the rest of Disney. lucky lady xx

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