An Introverted Actress

Day Nineteen: A Funny Memory

I'm very lucky to have a filing cabinet in my head full of funny memories. Maybe even a whole wall of filing cabinets up there. Bursting full of laughter. The problem is, a lot of them are probably too inappropriate to share or ones I've already shared. God knows I can't retell the story of Oliver Saville falling off the front of the stage during a performance of Les Mis again...(Love you, Mr Saville!). I also fear that so many of my funny stories are "had to be there" moments. Like when, during a performance of The Addams Family, Cameron Blakely got the choreography slightly wrong in Full Disclosure so that his actions made no sense with what he was singing, two shows in a row and I cried with laughter until the end of act one. Or when I hit Oliver Ormson in the teeth with a crossbow.    Or when Oliver almost fell out of the window he was trying to open in Edinburgh. Or when Scott Paige claimed that the wifi in our digs was "as slow as his metabolism" and I found it so funny that I woke myself up laughing that night because I dreamt of him saying it again! I'm so lucky to have so many beautiful hilarity filled memories that picking just one is near impossible. 

Whilst I could never pick a favourite, I'll leave you with this gem. Back when we were workshopping a musical I had helped write at the Pleasance Theatre, I was working with a guy called George Maguire. Hilarious by nature, anyway, but on this particular day, Mr Maguire had an unfortunate moment that had me and my brother bent double the entire care ride home. The stage at the Pleasance    was unusual in that you could step off the back of it and into the wings as the stage was raised all the way around. It had maybe half a foot in height. Backstage was masked by a long black curtain across the back which was held in place on the walls by thick strips of velcro. All our seats were placed around the back edge of the stage however, the back legs of Georges chair weren't planted on the stage at all but were, instead, being supported by the curtain that had curled itself underneath the legs. George had just performed a beautiful heartfelt scene that had brought a tear to everyone's eye...and then he returned to his seat. As he sat down, the weight of him tipped his unsupported chair. The curtain gave way and just as the confusion on his face turned to panic, he disappeared backwards through the curtain which swished back into place as if he'd never been there at all...but that's not all. As he grabbed hold of the curtain to try and help himself up, he simply pulled the curtain from it's velcro fastenings and it came loose in his hands to which he swore quite loudly. I howled and howled and howled. Even as I write this I'm chuckling and I think it's a memory that will always tickle me. Marvellous. Just marvellous. 

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  1. i just popped over to your blog to see what the next blog post theme was for today and saw that you had just posted for funny memory, i wish i had your filing cabinet memory for laughters and chuckles i always seem to forget mine because im only stupidly giggly when i'm half delirious from lack of sleep and anything can make me laugh!

  2. Carrie! You are so inspiring! I started the selfcareathon because of how inspiring you are!

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