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Day Four: Snuggles

Snuggling is probably on my list of top ten things to do. Maybe even top five. Hell, I'm doing it right now. I'm currently in bed, under my duvet with two other blankets around me and six pillows. Yes, you heard me. SIX. Snuggling is how I start and end my day and if I'm lucky, I'll find a little bit of duvet time in between. Come to think of it, I would call myself a pro at snuggling. A Snuggler, if you will. In a profession in which there is a lot of down time, most actors find themselves snuggling in places they never thought they'd snuggle alongside people they never thought they'd snuggle with! I think snuggling is what keeps many of us sane. Over the years I have snuggled in many a strange place. Here are some of my favourites. (I think the term 'snuggle' is starting to sound like a euphemism. I promise it's not!)

Under The Desk In Dressing Room Six Of The Queen's Theatre
I used to have a sleeping bag stashed away in my dressing room at Les Misérables. Often there were days when I had to be up early for auditions or interviews before matinees and I'd start flagging between shows. I never worried though because I knew I could wriggle myself into that blue rustly fabric, pull on the drawstrings so that my entire head was cocooned and drift into a little snuggly nap until someone woke me up to do the show all over again!

Jeremy and Jemima's Boat Bed
One of the most wonderful things about a bed appearing in a show is that backstage the cast and crew can use it to their advantage. Although this one was made for children and was shaped like a vessel, I still found a way. If I felt like having a little nap between shows, I'd curl myself into a little ball, snuggle into the pillows and drift far away to Hushabye Mountain...

Alice Beineke's Bed
Yet another show that's featured a bed! In Singapore, to get from the stage to the dressing rooms you had to go down in a lift. A little bit of a risky trip if it gets stuck or doesn't come in time so I used to just stay upstairs and watch the show from the comfort of Alice Beineke's bed. Sometimes, I would lightly doze off only to be woken up by Lurch or Lucas before the finale. Can you blame me when it was adorned with fluffy teal cushions?!

Nice Lister Beds!
It's only now I realise how many shows I've been in that feature beds! In act two of The Christmasaurus, I had a little gap between my last scene and the finale in which I ran onto stage to  throw snowballs at the Hunter. Again, I didn't like to leave side of stage as the Hammersmith Apollo hadn't really got their tannoy system figured out so I'd fill my pockets with fake snowballs, get under the pink duvet and watch the show unfold in style and comfort! 

Finally...I Have Snuggled In Over 30 Different Digs In The UK!
Touring not only takes you to gorgeous cities but it also takes you to some gorgeous (and some not-so gorgeous) digs. We all get given a weekly touring allowance and from there we book our own accommodation in each city. The ones that get booked far in advance usually turn out to be the nicest but sometimes you get lucky and book something in a rush on Air BnB and hey presto, you've found a gem! But either way, I've done a lot of snugglin' up and down the country in teeny weeny single beds that left you with a cricked neck, sofa beds that fold up on you in the middle of the night and big sprawling double beds in which you can starfish and snore for days. 

However, in my opinion, snuggling is always best when you have someone to snuggle with!
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  1. I lost count of the amount of times you used the word “snuggle”, but am currently snuggled up myself reading this, great blog post Carrie! Xxx

  2. Couldn't agree more, can't beat a good snuggle x

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