An Introverted Actress

Day Fifteen: Kindness

I think if I'm not careful, this blog could scroll for miles and miles and miles so I'll keep this one short: Kindness Wins. Kindness always wins. 

One of the reasons I love coming to WaltDisneyWorld is because the kindness is rife. Left, right and centre there are women complimenting each other's clothes and accessories. There are cast members creating magical moments for little ones simply because they can. Families from all over the world stand together in front of Cinderella's castle, chatting before the fireworks begin and then sing together when they do. I always try to bring that mentality home to England with me but "real life" often bogs me down. When people aren't as receptive to kindness, it's often intimidating to be the one that takes that step. It suddenly takes a lot more courage to reach out and tell someone you love what they're wearing on the London tube, the place where everyone's far too British to chat. Often you're met with looks of befuddlement, a scoff or even worse, silence. It can easily put you off making that extra effort to be kind but it mustn't.  

That extra mile is a beautiful, unexpected and important thing. Creating those magical moments in places that magic forgot can be the difference between a good day and a bad day for some. Be that person that steps forward in a world of grey and splashes people with colour. Be that person. Karma likes that person. I like that person. I like myself more when I'm trying to be that person. And even if you are met with people looking like you're a loser, you win by default because kindness always wins.



  1. This was absolutely beautiful, that was just so very well put. Thank you Carrie for those inspiring words on kindness. My favorite was where you said, "Be that person that steps forward in a world of grey and splashes people with colour." Now that is a quote to live by.

  2. If somebody worked up the courage to tell me that he like something I am wearing, I would just be giving the biggest smile and a huge thank you. I don't get hy people are beildered if omeone compliment them.
    Love you Carrie 3


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