An Introverted Actress

Day 11+12: Encourage + Animals

Personally, I don’t feel like we encourage people enough these days. We either tell them what they’re doing wrong or applaud them when they’ve already done right. We never find the people who are trying their hardest to do good in this world and help them along. It’s so rare that we stop and say “Hey you’re doing so well! Can I help you?”. They are the people who could be making huge differences if only the right people said “I believe in you”. Yet it’s those people that get the most negativity because they’re just not quite there yet and have therefore “failed” in the eyes of morons. 

Encourage people to be better. Encourage the good in everyone and help it to shine. If someone is not quite at their goal, ask them what you can do to help. Pointing and laughing, belittlement and animosity never got anyone anywhere. It’s pointless. Totally pointless. It serves no purpose and no one’s better for it but if we just showed that little bit of kindness and encouragement, god knows what would happen. Only good things I imagine. So do it. 

As I missed a blog yesterday due to having far too much fun in DisneyWorld, I’m condensing days eleven and twelve. So whilst we’re on the theme of encouraging and animals please go and check out WWF. I recently raised some money for them in January and I took part in Earth hour and the work they do is outstanding. Please go and take a look at their website and perhaps even donate or tweet to spread awareness. Encourage the good. 




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